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Blank aluminum discs 0.4-5mm Thick

2019-12-05 08:20:00

There are many functions of blank aluminum discs, which can be processed into cooking utensils, lamp shades, traffic signs, casings for electrical appliances, hoses and small aluminum casings. Aluminum circle blanks can be used in products in many industries, such as medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, culture, education and automotive accessories.

blank aluminum discs

At present, the production of aluminum wafers mainly depends on stamping equipment. In the past, manual stamping was basically used to produce. The disadvantages of this production method are slow production speed and high cost. A stamping machine must be equipped with 2-3 people, the work efficiency is low, and now our company adopts the international popular continuous stamping equipment to automatically punch aluminum disc blanks on aluminum coils, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost of aluminum circles.


At the same time, our company also has aluminum disc blanks cutting equipment. This equipment is mainly used for traffic signs and signage enterprises to produce traffic signs. It adopts H14 semi-hard state. The processing procedure is to cut the aluminum plate and then cut it from the blank aluminum discs cutting equipment. This equipment has the advantages of high processing accuracy and adjustable diameter.

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