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Round and triangle aluminum sign blanks

2019-12-24 09:01:00

Haomei supply aluminum sign blanks in circle and triangle shape, the alloy are 1050, 1060, 1070, the temper are H14 and H24, and the thickness is 1.0-3.0mm. The aluminum traffic signs material we supply has reliable quality, good performance, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity. The surface of aluminium sign blanks is smooth, there is no scratches and burrs. We also supply accurate size control, professional packaging to avoid the wet oxidation phenomenon that the product may cause during transportation. The production equipment, production technology, testing equipment and automation have been ranked high among domestic and foreign industries.

aluminum sign blanks

As an aluminum sign blanks manufacturer in China, Haomei mainly offer triangle blanks, round blanks and square blanks for road and traffic signs material. Aluminum sign blanks have small density, light weight and strong anti-corrosion ability, aluminum blanks are widely used in transportation facilities and identification signs. The material of the signboard is mainly made of high-quality aluminum sign blanks, engineering grade or high-strength reflective film, which has a good reflective effect at night. Then cut the reflective film (square, round) according to the national standard size then pint it on the surface of aluminum sign blanks. Aluminum road and traffic signs have long service life and easy installation and use, suitable for all kinds of severe weather, the surface will not be damaged.

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