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How to process qualified aluminum disk

Haomei aluminum have professional factory, excellent equipment, advanced production technology, technical service for supply high quality aluminum disk...

aluminum discs price higher than sheet

When some friends are purchasing aluminum products, we may find that compared to aluminum sheet, the price of aluminum discs is higher.

The advantages of aluminum circle

Aluminum circle are used in our daily life widely, we can find them everywhere, such as some cookware, lamp cover and road signs.

How to clean aluminum circles correctly

As we all know, aluminum circles are widely used in our daily life, such as home use audio equipment, kitchenware, etc. are made from aluminium circles.

thickness affect the aluminum disc price

Recently, there are many friends want to know whether the thickness affect the price of aluminum disc, and what is the relationship between them.

Application of Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs is mainly used for general commercial and industrial uses, like the capacitor case.

Aluminum Disc Sales Manager Visit Colombia

On May 12, 2016, our aluminium products sales manager Gustavo visit the customer in Colombia.

Haomei Aluminum 2015 Annual Meeting

On February 11, 2015 Zhengzhou Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd. hosted the "2015 Annual Meeting of the New Year" in Xiangdi Bay Hotel.

South Africa customers visit our company

May 7, 2014,our South African customers visit our company.

Haomei Attend Aluminium China 2013

ALUMINIUM CHINA 2013 is Asia leading aluminium industry platform, annually held in Shanghai,

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