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Hot rolled 1060 aluminum circle

Hot rolled 1060 aluminum circle is suitable for making spinning and stamping products such as kitchen cook utensils.

Aluminum discs for cookware

Aluminum is with excellent thermal conductivity and resistant to corrosion, so aluminum discs for cookware is commonly used material for making cookware!

Aluminum circle factory

Aluminum circle processing is an important part of aluminum circle factory production because it affect the final product quality most.

1050 aluminum disc manufacturer

Haomei aluminum is one of the best 1050 aluminum disc manufacturer in China. The aluminum discs has bright and beautiful surface.

1100 aluminum circle manufacturer

1100 aluminum circle manufacturer can supply high quality 1100 aluminum circle in the market.

Aluminum circle manufacturer

Haomei aluminum is one of the best aluminum circle manufacturer in China.

Anodized aluminum discs

Haomei anodized aluminum discs have excellent anodizing effect, stable performance, high surface quality, and can be applied for making high-grade cooking...

Aluminum circle 1050 for stretching

Aluminum circles 1050 are widely used in many countries like India, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Aluminum circles grade 1060

Aluminum circles 1060 belongs to 1000 series aluminum alloy, as the most representative aluminum circles, 1060 aluminum circles have wide applications.

Deep drawing aluminum circle supply

The deep drawing aluminum circle is common products in 1000 series and 3000 series hot rolled aluminum discs.

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