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2 mm aluminium discs suppliers

2 mm aluminium discs suppliers Haomei is a famous factory with decades years experience of aluminium circle manufacturing and exporting.

High quality aluminium circle from china

Buy aluminium circle from china is a great choice for aluminum circle importer for the high quality and lowest price on the market.

Aluminium circles producers in china

Aluminium circles producers in china win good reputation in the market, advantages of china aluminum circle are low cost, prime quality and high performance...

Pressure cooker aluminum circle

Pressure cooker aluminum circle usually use 3003 aluminum disc alloy with high quality and thickness of 0.5-4mm and diameter of 20-1200mm.

High Quality aluminum circles grade 1060

Aluminum circles grade 1060 havecommon and extensive applications, such as kitchen utensils, housings for some household appliances, and electronic products...

High quality aluminum wafer for cookware

Aluminum wafer for cookware adopt DC and CC aluminum alloy of 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052 with thickness of 0.5-4.0 mm.

Price of aluminium circles per ton

Price of aluminium circles per ton on the market is related to the alloy, thickness, diameter, temper, production technology and market price float.

Aluminum circle for pressure cooker

Haomei supply aluminum circle for pressure cooker 3003 with on-line annealing process can ensure the elongation, which is suitable for stamping and spinning...

Aluminum circle price per tone

Aluminum circle price per tone in China is cheaper than other country, and the quality can be ensured, the delivery time is also short.

China utensils aluminium circle

Haomei is a famous china utensils aluminium circle manufacturer, we has advanced technology in the production of aluminum circle for cookware and road signs...

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