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Circular Aluminum Sheet Supplier

2021-03-02 09:06:00

Haomei Aluminium is one of the top circular aluminum sheet supplier in China with rich experience and high reputation. Aluminum circles have many functions, kitchenware aluminum circle sheet is one of the most commonly used aluminum products, and they are also very common around us. After secondary processing, aluminum circles can be made into various electrical appliance casings, like outdoor antennas used in televisions, etc. When using aluminum discs, the appearance must not be damaged, and the quality requirements in this regard are very high. Usually, in order to prevent the surface of the aluminum circle from being scratched, it will be protected by a protective film or separated by paper when it is long, so as to avoid scratches caused by friction between the aluminum circles.

circular aluminum sheet

In professional aluminum circle supplier, the aluminum coil is directly used for circular aluminum sheet production, without the need for slitting and cross-cutting of the aluminum coil, which reduces the production process and reduces the aluminum circular sheet production cost. The most suitable layout method is automatically selected according to the width of the aluminum coil and the diameter of the aluminum circle. When the aluminum coil is uncoiled and leveled, the blanking process is directly carried out to reduce the amount of waste, so that the raw material utilization rate can reach more than 80%, reducing the possibility of damaging the surface of the aluminum coil, and the produced circular aluminum sheet are guaranteed to be free of oil and scratches.

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