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Lighting Aluminium Circle

2024-04-18 16:54:56

Lighting aluminium circle is widely used for processing light parts due to its lightweight ans low cost. The aluminum circles used for lighting industry are 1060 aluminum circles, 1070 aluminium circles, 1100 aluminum circles and 3003 aluminium circles.

Aluminum circles have a wide range of applications in the lighting industry. Here are some specific application examples:

First, aluminum circle sheet plays an important role in the manufacture of LED lighting fixtures. For example, outdoor lighting fixtures such as line lights, landscape lights and wall washer lights often use U-shaped or round aluminum profiles as the material for fixing light strips or potting. With its excellent structural and physical properties, such as finer grain size and more uniform distribution of carbide particles, aluminum round sheet provides a solid and reliable support for these luminaires.

lighting aluminium circle

Secondly, aluminum circle is also used to manufacture aluminum housings and components for a variety of lamps and lanterns. Whether it is home lighting equipment or commercial lighting equipment, aluminum discs are widely used because of their low density, light weight and good corrosion resistance. For example, home lighting equipment such as chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps, as well as lighting equipment in commercial places such as shopping malls, hotels and office buildings, may all use aluminum discs as housing or component materials.

In addition, aluminum circle has a wide range of applications in the field of public facility lighting. Road lighting, square lighting, park lighting and other public facilities, need to use a large number of lighting products. Aluminum circles made of aluminum lighting aluminum profiles, with its strong weather resistance, good corrosion resistance and easy maintenance characteristics, has become the ideal choice for these facilities lighting.

Overall, lighting aluminium circle in the lighting industry is widely used, not only to improve the performance and reliability of the lamps and lanterns, but also to meet the lighting requirements of different places and needs. With the continuous development and innovation of lighting technology, the application of aluminum discs in the lighting industry will continue to expand and deepen.

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