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aluminum discs price higher than sheet

2018-01-05 09:28:00

Now aluminum discs have widely application than before, we can find many goods made form aluminum circles in daily use. Then there are many factories begin to process aluminum discs to meed the market demands. When some friends are purchasing aluminum products, we may find that compared to aluminum sheet, the price of aluminum discs is higher, what is the reason of this phenomenon? Generally there are three reasons, as a top aluminum circle factory in China, we know the market and processing well. So we can summarize them together for you.

aluminum discs

1. The first is the processing of aluminum discs, many products prices will be relatively high due to the complexity of the processing program, the aluminum circle is the same. During the production of aluminum discs, there is a continuous stamping process added. One more process will increase the cost of machine, the cost of labor and electricity, so the aluminum disc price will be relatively high.

2. The second is the production waste output, according to the research, one ton aluminum circle has 10-15% of scrap, if there is some special size need for processing, it will have more waste during the the process, which will lead to the aluminum discs price is higher than that of aluminum sheet.

3. Finally, the production speed of aluminum wafers is low and the producing period is long. Because when producing aluminum discs, there are many more moulds, and there are special standards that need to be opened, resulting in the low efficiency of aluminum discs, which leads to the high price of aluminum circles in a certain extent.

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