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thickness affect the aluminum disc price

2017-12-04 08:24:00

Recently, there are many friends want to know whether the thickness affect the price of aluminum disc, and what is the relationship between them. Many customers asked is that the thinner aluminum disc has higher price because the process technology is more advanced? Today let us find the answer together and discover the connection between aluminum disc price and the thickness.

aluminum disc price

According to the data, the size influence the price of aluminum plate is directly, the general thickness is between 1.0-8.0mm, the quote is appropriate, because the relative processing requirements and the technology is relatively simple. But to the thickness above 8mm, it requires the ingot production after hot-rolled process, it will produce loss and need more production equipment, the equipment offer is relatively high, so the deviation of aluminum disc price in the final because the hot-rolled ultra-thick aluminum circle has higher cost. Aluminum discs with lower thickness need to pay more attention to the flatness of the surface, but because many enterprises nowadays can not ensure flatness for products under 1mm because they do not  have complete equipment, if you want to buy thin aluminum circles, you’d better choose large-scale production enterprises, because their advanced equipment can ensure the flatness of the aluminum circle surface. Aluminum disc thickness and rolling technology has no necessarily link, because not all of the thin aluminum circle is cold rolled, as the hot-rolled aluminum coil can also be further processed become hot-rolled thin aluminum disc by the cold rolling equipment. Now you may have know the relationship of the thickness and aluminum disc price, then when you are going to purchase aluminum circle, you can decide the thickness according to the budget, at the same time, welcome to get quotation from our Haomei Aluminum!

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