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Aluminum Circle For Steamer

2022-05-10 16:17:54

The aluminum circle for steamer is used for making aluminum alloy steamer, and the steamer ring is a full circle with a single interface. Compared with the existing steamer materials, aluminum circle steamer has the advantages of high full-circle strength, simple production, favorable appearance, etc. The aluminum steamer is the most common and the most popular electric heating pot steamer, with many styles, complete types, beautiful, durable, easy to clean and so on. When cleaning the steamer, do not use steel balls to clean it. The steel ball will damage the surface of the steamer and cause the steamer to lose its gloss.

aluminum circle for steamer

Because of the current popular cooking appliances on the market, except for a small number of stainless steel, cast iron or ceramics, most of the raw materials used in cooking are aluminum alloys. Compared with stainless steel, cast iron and ceramics, using aluminum circle as the base material for non-stick pans and cooking small appliances will make the weight of the product lighter and more suitable for women, especially women who live alone. The thermal conductivity of aluminum discs alloy is far better than other materials, it saves time and energy compared with rice cookers that use stainless steel and other materials. The non-stick properties of aluminum alloy are also stronger, which is more conducive to cleaning and healthy eating.

The aluminum circle for steamer is 0.3-6.0mm aluminum disc is currently the most widely used aluminum alloy product in cooking appliances. At the same time, it is also widely used in can sealing, traffic signs, lampshades, decoration crafts and other products. When it is applied to kitchen supplies, its requirements for product quality and craftsmanship are also more stringent, which tests the control of craftsmanship and the adherence to quality of aluminum circle manufacturers.

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