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Aluminium Circle Price Per KG Today

2024-05-31 14:48:49

The aluminium circle price per kg will vary according to market supply and demand, variety, specification and quality of aluminum alloy material. The current price of aluminium circle fluctuates between US$3-4 per kilogram, and the exact price should be consulted and understood from the local aluminum material suppliers according to the actual situation.

aluminium circle price per kg

The aluminium circle price per kg have many influencing factors and may varies every day, as an aluminium circle manufacturer, we Haomei Aluminum can offer a price range, the detailed quotation can be calculated with detailed context. Here are the introduction of the factors affect aluminium circle price:

Market price fluctuation:

The aluminium circle price per kg fluctuates with market supply and demand conditions. For example, on May 15, 2024, the price of A00 aluminum in different regions ranged from approximately RMB 20,390 to 20,660 per ton, which translates to a price of $2.8 to $2.9 per kilogram.

Impact of alloy type:

The aluminum circle price per kg can vary by alloy type. For example, the price of aluminum circle of alloy types such as 3003 and 5052 may be higher than that of 1050, 1060, 1070,1100 aluminum circle in the market depending on the properties of the alloy and the area of application.


The thickness of aluminum circles can also affect the price. Generally, the price of thicker aluminum rounds may be slightly higher.


The quality of the aluminium circles can also affect the price. Higher quality aluminum circles usually have better mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, so the price may be higher.

Market supply and demand:

Market supply and demand are important factors that affect the price of aluminum circles. When demand exceeds supply, the price may rise; conversely, when supply exceeds demand, the price may fall.

Other factors:

The price of aluminium circle may also be affected by thickness, quality, production process, brand, region and other factors.

Please note that the aluminium circle price per kg is affected by a variety of factors such as raw material prices, market fluctuations and other factors, and the price will be somewhat volatile. We recommend that you keep abreast of the market when purchasing aluminum circles and choose a reputable and reasonably priced supplier for your purchase.

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