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Aluminium Circle 3004 O DC

2024-05-17 16:31:31

Aluminium circle 3004 O DC is a round sheet of 3004 aluminum alloy, produced and manufactured in the O temper (soft temper). 3004 aluminum alloy has excellent forming properties and corrosion resistance, and is commonly used in the manufacture of a wide variety of containers, tanks, plates and other products.

aluminium circle 3004 O DC

DC stands for the hot rolled process, hot rolling is a metal processing method in which metal is compressed through one or more pairs of rotating rolls after being heated to a certain temperature, thereby reducing its thickness and increasing its length. For 3004 O aluminum discs, hot rolling further improves their plasticity and ductility, making them easier to subsequently process and form. In hot rolling process, aluminium circle manufacturer need to control the rolling temperature, rolling speed and rolling force and other parameters to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of 3004 aluminum circles.

The characteristics of aluminium circle 3004 O DC include:

1. good formability:

3004 aluminum alloy has good formability, it is easier to hot roll in O-state, and can be made into a variety of shapes of round sheet.

2. Strong corrosion resistance:

3004 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, suitable for the manufacture of containers, tanks and other products that require corrosion resistance.

3. Smooth surface:

After hot rolling process, the surface of aluminum round piece is smooth and flat, suitable for products that need fine surface treatment.

4. Good workability:

3004 aluminum alloy is easy to process and form, suitable for subsequent cold working, cutting and other processing techniques.

Aluminium circle 3004 O DC
is widely used in food packaging, chemical containers, kitchen utensils and other fields, is a common aluminum alloy circle products. 3004 aluminum circle belongs to the high end aluminium discs products, Haomei Aluminum can offer 3004 aluminum disc with better deep drawing performance and surface quality, we can be your partner to improve your bushiness!

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