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4 Inch Round Aluminum Plate

2024-05-11 18:07:22

4 inch round aluminum plate refers to a round sheet of aluminum material with a diameter of 4 inches (approximately 101.6 mm). 1 inch equals 2.54 cm, 4 times 2.54 equals 10.16 cm, so the 4 inch aluminum disc has the approximately diameter of 10 cm. 4 inch aluminum round plate can be customized to fit specific application scenarios based on specific material, thickness and surface treatment requirements. For example, for applications that require a certain amount of pressure, thicker round aluminum plate can be selected; for decorative parts that require a good appearance, aluminum round circle with special surface treatments (e.g., anodized, painted, etc.) can be selected.

4 inch round aluminum plate

Usually, the thickness of aluminum disc ranges from 0.4 - 5.0mm, and the diameter ranges from 20-1200 mm. 4 inch aluminum circle is indeed a relatively small aluminum disc compared to other large aluminum disc products. Despite its smaller size, 4 inch aluminum disc still has a wide range of applications in several fields. Aluminum round plate 4 inch is usually used to make a variety of products, including but not limited to kitchenware manufacturing, decoration, sign making, lamps, electronic equipment heat sinks and so on. Such as aluminum pans, aluminum pots, aluminum kettle, decorative parts, etc. They can be cut, stamped, machined and surface treated as needed to meet the requirements of different industries.

Besides of 4 inch round aluminum plate, we may need different types of aluminum discs, we still need to customize and process them, and we must make sure that their overall specifications and precision meet the requirements. So be sure to work with regular aluminum discs manufacturers to cooperate, manufacturers direct product price concessions, and generally aluminium disc manufacturers are able to provide customized processing services. This only need to determine the specific parameters of the round piece, and then select the appropriate aluminum circle manufacturer to customize, determine the situation of the basic offer, and then go to wholesale procurement are equally guaranteed.

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