Price of aluminium circles per ton
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Price of aluminium circles per ton

2020-04-27 07:53:00

Price of aluminium circles per ton on the market is related to the alloy, thickness, diameter, temper, production technology and market price float. Some users will find that the price range of aluminum circle on the market is very large in the process of purchasing aluminum wafer. In fact, the following factors will have an impact on the price of aluminum circle with good service and after-sales service in the market.

price of aluminium circles

Factor 1: Raw materials selected for aluminium circle production

There are many kinds of raw materials to be selected in the production of aluminum circles. There are some differences in the quality of different raw materials and the costs to be spent. For example, some materials of aluminum circle must be matched with the anodizing process in the manufacturing process, while some materials do not need the anodizing process, and the different materials and manufacturing process will affect the price of aluminium circle.


Factor 2, thickness condition

For aluminum circle disc as material for making cookware, thickness is not the thicker the better, but does not mean that the thinner the better, just moderate thickness is better. Generally, those relatively thick aluminum circles mean that there are more impurities in the manufacturing process, while the increase of impurities means the decrease of strength. The price of this type of aluminum wafers is often lower on the market.


Factor 3: the aluminium circle manufacturer's and strength.

Although the requirements for the technological level are not high in the manufacturing process of aluminum disc circle, the equipment and team strength introduced by different manufacturers in the manufacturing process are not exactly the same. The quality of aluminum circles made by large manufacturers is relatively good, so the price of aluminium circles on the market is slightly higher than that of those made by unknown aluminum wafer manufacturers.

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