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Pressure cooker aluminum circle

2020-05-19 08:04:00

Pressure cooker aluminum circle usually use 3003 aluminum disc alloy with high quality and thickness of 0.5-4mm and diameter of 20-1200mm. The aluminum circle with reliable quality has a very wide range of use, so we need to seriously understand its quality when purchasing aluminum circle. Therefore, when purchasing aluminum circle for pressure cooker, we can judge the quality of aluminum disc by understanding its precision, surface condition, production equipment and process, so as to ensure that we can purchase the very reliable aluminum circle product.

pressure cooker aluminum circle


As a professional aluminum circle manufacturer in China, Haomei has advanced production equipment. The quality of pressure cooker aluminum circle has a very important relationship with the equipment and technology used in production, because the advanced aluminum circle production equipment and technology have a high stability, which can effectively ensure that the same batch of aluminum circle has the same quality. Therefore, when you understand the quality of aluminum circle for cooker, you may as well ask the aluminium circle manufacturer what kind of equipment and process is used to produce the aluminum discs.


If the cutting knife used in the pressure cooker aluminum circle production process is not sharp enough, the edge of aluminum disc will not be neat enough. In order to avoid this situation, sharp cutting knife equipment should be used when processing and producing aluminum disc, and new processing equipment should be used when conditions permit.

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