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Kitchen utensils aluminum circle 1060 3003

Kitchen utensils aluminum circle 3003 o has excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum circle 1060 has low cost. 1060 aluminum circle is mainly used in kitchen utensils production, sign production and other industries. 3003 aluminum circle is mainly used for stretching. Aluminum circles are widely used in kitchen utensils such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers and hardware supplies such as lampshades, water heaters shell, etc. The edge of DC aluminum circles has no burr, no oil on the surface and good tensile effect. Haomei mainly produces DC and CC 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum circles with excellent elongation and grain size are the subsequent deep drawing and spinning processes.

kitchen utensils aluminum circle

In the production process of aluminum circles suppliers Haomei, from the loading to the stamping and forming, all the intelligent automation equipment is used. The aluminum coil is produced in one step and the aluminum circle is produced in one step. Therefore, the advantage of this process is that the produced aluminum circle for kitchen utensils avoids scratching and the size is very accurate. Hot-rolled and cold-rolled aluminum circles have significant differences in stretching, stamping, spinning, etc. Hot-rolled aluminum circles have significant advantages in surface and ear-cutting ratio. The use of small aluminum circles is generally used in cylindrical aluminum workpieces, such as roll-up cans, cosmetic cans, and the like. Specifications are also available in many diameters and thicknesses.

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