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Deep drawing aluminum circle factory supply

The deep drawing aluminum circle is common products in aluminum circles. Aluminum circles manufacturers mainly produces 1000 series casting aluminum circles and 3000 series hot rolled aluminum discs. Mainly for deep drawing, stretching, spinning and other processing process customers, suitable for cans, aluminium pot bottom, aluminum cookware, aluminum circle for pan, lamp, widely used in lighting, kitchen utensils, electronics, electrical appliances, traffic signs, building materials, automobiles, mechanical parts and so on.

deep drawing aluminum circle

Due to the quality requirements to deep drawing aluminum circle is strict, only experienced aluminum circle manufacturers can supply qualified product meet the requirements. The surface of the aluminum discs is smooth without scratches, clean and oil-free, and the edges are smooth without burrs, and have excellent deep drawing and spinning performance. The technical parameters of the aluminum discs are: thickness of 0.5-6mm, diameter of 100-950mm. The deep drawing aluminum circle discs can be produced with an elongation of 30%-35% and top level grain size. Haomei is an aluminum discs suppliers with 25 years experience, the processed aluminum circles are favored and recognized by many customers. With stable production products, excellent service, fast shipping and good reputation, Haomei have established long-term friendly relations with hundreds of foreign companies and exported more than 10000 tons aluminum products.

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