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DC Aluminum Circle for Kitchen Utensils

2020-01-09 09:03:00

Welcome to China Haomei to buy DC aluminum circle for kitchen utensils with alloy 1060, 3003, temper soft, thickness of 0.5-5mm. DC aluminum circle has better performance than that of CC aluminum circle. The aluminium circle products of the hot-rolled series have the advantages of accurate size, smooth and flawless surface, good anodizing effect, and high elongation. The online annealing process are adopt to DC aluminum circle production, which can ensure the elongation and is suitable for stamping and spin forming.

DC aluminum circle for kitchen utensils

Main applications of aluminum circles are in the kitchenware production, sign making and other industries, the commonly used thickness is 0.5mm-4mm. Among them, there is a large demand for aluminum circle for kitchen utensils manufacturing industry, especially abroad. Because of its safety, lightness, and ease of processing, aluminum kitchenware products are becoming more and more popular with customers.


The aluminum circles produced by the Haomei are hot-rolled DC and cold-rolled CC. Among them, 1060 aluminum circles and 3003 aluminum discs are mostly used, 1060 aluminum circle has lower price and can be applied to signs, and 3003 DC aluminum circle for kitchen utensils has better performance in deep drawing and spinning. The difference between hot-rolled and cold-rolled hot-rolled and cold-rolled aluminum circle s are significantly different in the effects of stretching, stamping, spinning, etc. The cold-rolled aluminum circles have a higher ear-making rate.

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