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Circular Aluminum Sheet Metal

2021-11-04 06:43:00

Circular aluminum sheet metal are the raw materials for the production of cooking utensils, traffic signs, lamp cover, capacitor shells and tubes. Among them, the capacitor housing has the highest requirements for aluminum circle sheet, and must be made of pure aluminum with a purity greater than 99.00%. The capacitor industry has developed rapidly in recent years. It can meet the needs of the development of electronic complete machines and household appliances in terms of quantity, quality, and service, and has driven the development of related materials and equipment industries.

circular aluminum sheet metal

For decades, the circular aluminum sheet metal used in the production of capacitor shells have been using the processing technology of pure aluminum strip punching, and the 1.5mm layout method is used for the punching and lap edges. The biggest disadvantage of this processing technology is that the utilization rate of materials is very low, only about 56%, and in the process of producing aluminum strip with pure aluminum ingots, it is necessary to cut and overlap the edges, and the scrap rate is about 8%. Although the scraps from the edge and punching can be re-refined, the purity of aluminum ingots smelted by small and medium-sized enterprises is not high and cannot meet the requirements for the production of capacitor shells, and can only be used to produce aluminum alloy doors and windows. It can be seen that the use of traditional aluminum strip punching methods to process aluminum circle sheet will result in the high cost of the capacitor housing and lack of international competitiveness.


A processing method that can greatly increase the utilization rate of materials has been successfully developed by Haomei Aluminum, that is, selecting suitable aluminum wires as raw materials, using cold heading machines as processing equipment, and using high-speed closed chip-free cold heading forming technology to produce circular aluminum sheet metal. Practice has proved that this method has extremely high economic and social benefits. The production line of aluminum circle sheet manufacturer - Haomei, do not only improve the utilization rate, but also update the production speed of models changing. During forming and processing, the mold used is high in production efficiency.

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