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China utensils aluminium circle

2020-04-08 07:49:00

Haomei is a famous china utensils aluminium circle manufacturer, we has very advanced technology in the production of aluminum circle for cookware and road signs. Haomei aluminum has the first-class production technology in China in the production of aluminum circle discs. It adopts the full-automatic production mode, so that the cutting accuracy of the aluminum circle produced is higher, and the aluminum discs for cooking utensils produced by the full-automatic production is not easy to deform, the quality is higher and the precision is better.

china utensils aluminium circle

The specification of the aluminum circle products that manufactured by Haomei Aluminum is:

Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052

Thickness: 0.2-4.5mm.

Diameter: 100mm-1200mm

Application: mainly used in the production of aluminum kitchenware, lamp cover, traffic signs and so on.

Classification: cast rolled aluminum, hot rolled aluminum(DC, CC)

Features: widely used, low price.

The manufacturing process of aluminum circle for cooking utensils are: the aluminum ingot is melted into aluminum water. The foundry is made of 7-10 mm aluminum plates. 7-10 mm aluminum plate is rolled to the required thickness by cold rolling mill, for example, 0.5-1 mm. Cut the finished aluminum coil into the required width, and generate a circular line to obtain the correct diameter of the aluminum circle for utensils.


The detailed application of china utensils aluminum circle are: stock pot, frying pan, rice cooker, pizza pot, electric frying pan, electric pressure cooker, restaurant cooker.

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