The process line of china aluminum circle suppliers

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The process line of china aluminum circle suppliers

The aluminum disc circle unwinding and blanking process line is applied for the automatic production of china aluminum circle suppliers. It can meet the production requirements of a large number of aluminum circles for cooking utensils and lamp covers. The main components of the process line equipment are unwinding leveling part, feeding and blanking part, finished product palletizing part, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc.

china aluminum circle suppliers

The fully automatic integrated aluminum circle blanking production line numerical control equipment can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of raw materials and reduce labor costs of aluminum circle suppliers. The equipment can directly perform circles punching and blanking on the aluminum coil, and does not need to cut and strip the coil. The equipment automatically selects the most suitable layout method according to the width of the coil and the diameter of the aluminum circle, and directly performs the blanking processing at the same time as the aluminum coil unwinding and leveling, so that the utilization rate of raw materials reaches 80% or more, which is far superior to other process method. The process method of china aluminum circle suppliers will save a lot of production costs, which will reduce the aluminum circle price, and the customers who purchase aluminum circles with save a lot of cost at the same time.

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