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Aluminum disc for cooking utensil

2020-03-19 09:23:00

Aluminum disc for cooking utensil 1050, 1060, 1070 and 3003 with thickness of 0.6-4mm, the diameter is about 25-300mm. About half of the cooking utensils in the world are made of aluminum disc. The heat efficiency of cooking is as high as 93%, while stainless steel and cast iron are only 1 / 3 of aluminum. Using aluminum circle to make cooking utensils will greatly add the physical and chemical characteristics of cooking utensils, so that the conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and other characteristics of cooking utensils can be well improved, providing a guarantee for making a good diet.

aluminum disc for cooking utensil

The production process of cooking utensils mainly includes blanking, deep drawing, trimming, bottoming and cleaning. In the blanking process, the first thing is to select the metal materials for cooking utensils. Because the cooker needs to adhere to good heat conduction function, and at the same time to achieve chemical function stability in the process of experiencing high temperature barbecue, which makes the metal materials made by the cooker have a strict scale of investigation. Aluminum circle, as a very high thermal conductivity metal, will not rust, and can adhere to the resistance to a variety of corrosion. Because aluminum disc is easy to oxidize in the direction of no anodizing after long-term contact with some food, a small amount of other metal elements will be added to the aluminum material to improve the function of cooking utensils. Aluminum is generally in the form of drawing, die casting or anodizing. Stretched aluminum is formed by rotary stamping. Because the aluminum is soft, it is made of magnesium, copper and bronze to add strength. Die casting aluminum is usually thicker than drawing aluminum, which is more suitable for making heavy soup pot. Because the die-casting aluminum is easy to have tiny pores in production, the thermal conductivity of die-casting aluminum is much lower than that of drawing aluminum.


As a result of the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of anodized aluminum, it has maintenance effect, is hard and not easy to react with other substances. Now, most cookers on the market are made of manganese aluminum disc for cooking utensil. The combination of manganese and aluminum in cooking utensils can effectively promote each other's physical and chemical properties.

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