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Aluminum circular discs applied in various industry

There are a lot of products processed from aluminum circular discs materials in our lives. From the cookware in kitchen, lamp cover in house to traffic signs on the road, the aluminum discs show the good performance. What are the advantages of aluminum discs, which can be chosen by many manufacturers as materials? What is the application of aluminium circular discs?

aluminum circular discs

In the production process of aluminum discs, all intelligent automatic equipment are used from feeding to stamping. The aluminum coils are produced into aluminum circle discs only in one step, therefore, the advantage of this process method is that the aluminum discs are not scratched, and the size is very precise. The quality requirements of the high quality aluminum discs product are smooth surface, no scratches, suitable for anodizing, stretching and deep drawing, these advantages required the aluminum discs suppliers have complete mold specifications to provide various specifications and sizes.

The common seen grades of the aluminum circle discs are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3005, 3104, 3015 and 5052 aluminum. Aluminum circular discs can be cold extruded into various types of capacitor casings, hoses, etc., after deep drawing, aluminum discs can be processed into pan, pots, high pressure cookers, rice cookers and other cook utensils, aluminum circles can also be processed into lamp cover, road signs, traffic signs, which is widely used in electronics, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive, aerospace and other industries.

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