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Aluminum circles grade 1060

Aluminum circles 1060 belongs to 1000 series aluminum alloy, as the most representative aluminum circles, 1060 aluminum circles have wide applications. 1000 series aluminum circles consists 1050 aluminum circles, 1060 aluminum circles, 1070 aluminum circles and 1100 aluminum circles. Besides of 1000 series aluminum circles, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum circle still has application in the industry. The general tempers of aluminum circles grade 1060 are O, H18, H22, H24. Among them, the most temper we use is the 1060-O aluminum circles. The thickness of aluminum circles 1060 in the market is 0.5~6.0mm and the diameter is 20~980 mm.

aluminum circles 1060

The technical process of 1060 aluminum circles are hot rolling, cold rolling, forging, casting, etc. The packaging is standard export packaging: wooden pallet + cardboard + sling. The surface treatment can be oxidation, polishing, drawing, coating, oil coating, glossy, sandblasting, etc. 1000 series aluminum discs can be applied for kitchen utensils, hot rolled aluminum discs, cast aluminum circles, 3000 series aluminum circles can be applied for traffic signs, for lighting, and for cookware. In these applications, cooking utensils as the most concentrated product with aluminum circles grade 1060, is actively improving the level of production to ensure the optimization of process performance, making aluminum circles discs in the manufacturing of cooking utensils reflect more advantages.

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