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High Quality aluminum circles grade 1060

2020-05-12 06:49:00

Aluminum circles grade 1060 have very common and extensive applications in life, such as kitchen utensils used, housings for some household appliances, and electronic products. 1060 belongs to aluminum wafer 1000 series together with 1050, 1070 and 1100 aluminum circle product. In addition, there are still many industries that use high-quality 1000 series aluminum wafers as raw materials for the production of their own products. So, how can we choose 1060 aluminum wafer with stable and reliable quality?

aluminum circles grade 1060

  1. See its accuracy

As a common material, many high-precision products will use aluminum wafers and require the accuracy of the aluminum circle to be the same. Otherwise, the quality of the finished products cannot be effectively guaranteed. As we can see that the accuracy of aluminum circle 1060 is one of the important indicators measured by the aluminum wafers quality. Therefore, if you want to know the quality of 1060 aluminum wafers, you first need to see the accuracy it has. The higher the accuracy, the higher the quality.


  1. Look at the surface

The high-quality aluminum circles grade 1060 is the result of precision work, so the surface of the aluminum disc will not be rough and uneven, and the edge of the high-quality aluminum circle disc will also be very smooth, and there will be no notch, crack, burr and other bad conditions. So, you want to know how the quality of aluminum disc 1060 can carefully observe the surface condition of aluminum circle.

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