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Aluminum Circle Mill Finish Surface

2020-12-03 08:04:00

The high quality aluminum circle mill finish surface is very suitable for making cookware and traffic signs. Careful customers will find that when we produce aluminum circle, we always add a protective film or put a piece of paper. Some customers are curious as to why this operation is necessary. In fact, this is to protect the surface of the aluminum circle from damage.

aluminum circle mill finish

Everyone knows that the hardness of aluminum circle is much softer than other metals. As long as the surface is rubbed slightly, there will be many small scratches on the mill finish surface of aluminum circle. Therefore, we must be very careful when transporting, handling and processing aluminum discs, mainly to protect the mill finish surface of the aluminum circle to avoid scratches.


Usually, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of the aluminum circle mill finish, we will stick a protective film or separate it with paper to protect it when it is long, so as to avoid scratches caused by friction between the aluminum circles. At the same time, it must be ensured that it is relatively strong during transportation, so as to avoid the problem of sliding due to transportation, which is more likely to cause scratches.


In addition, workers need to wear gloves when carrying the aluminum circle mill finish manually, so as to prevent sweat from staying on the surface of the aluminum circle, because the surface of the mill finish aluminum circle may be corroded or oxidized over time. When processing, especially when shearing and bending, it is recommended to stick a protective film if the surface quality is higher than the price.

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