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Aluminum Circle Manufacturing CompanyChina

2021-08-20 08:26:00

Aluminum circle manufacturing company in china for kitchen utensils have good tensile properties and fine surface grain size. Aluminum circle company in China are mainly used for series 1000 and 3000 aluminum alloy products, which can be 0.4-6.0mm in thickness, 20-1200mm in diameter, and can be made of hot-rolled and cast-rolled materials. The aluminum circle product manufactured by China company are mainly used for making aluminum pots and other daily necessities, kitchenware, electrical appliances, etc. The delivery time is generally 15-25 days.

aluminum circle manufacturing company in china

In the last year, the cooking utensils are stretching the courage rice cooker, because the product has a thin inner liner, it is not heated well, and it is easy to stick to the pot. According to the problems of market products, Haomei Aluminum has specially launched aluminum circle for cast aluminum rice cooker. Its inner wall thickness is 5mm. The inner wall of the pan is heated evenly. The pan is not sticky and does not stick to the pan. It conducts heat faster, saves electricity, and is not easily deformed, the product is of high-end quality. The rice cooker made by aluminum circle achieves the effects of non-stick pan, no oil, no oily smoke, hard and scratch-resistant, and it is enough to challenge the international top high-end cookware in terms of pot embryo, pot bottom technology, materials used and production technology.


The aluminum circle manufacturing company in china offer high quality aluminum disc product that are used for lamps, lampshades, cookware, aluminum pots, aluminum pan, electric kettles, heat-conducting chassis, rice cookers, pots, fine iron pots, European-style pots, non-stick pots, aluminum bottles, aluminum barrels, road signs, some aluminum containers, capacitors and aluminum shell blanks.

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