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Aluminum circle for pressure cooker

2020-04-21 08:50:00

Haomei supply aluminum circle for pressure cooker 3003 with on-line annealing process can ensure the elongation, which is suitable for stamping and spinning. The quality of high-pressure cooker can not be separated from the aluminum circle materials, they are closely connected. The 3003 aluminum circle is aluminum-mn alloy, so it has better corrosion resistance performance, the thickness of aluminium circle for cookware is 0.4-5.0mm, the diameter is 20-1200mm.

aluminum circle for pressure cooker

As for the pressure cooker, it required to be heat-resistant, the raw materials aluminum circle is a good choice. Then we can make a good pressure cooker by high quality aluminum circle  materials. We also know that there are often some pressure cookers with very low efficiency, which not only takes time but also materials, so in the choice is very important. We all know that the quality requirements of the aluminium circles needed in the production of pressure cooker are relatively high, mainly because the wear of the bottom of the cooker is relatively large. So when we choose to make the aluminum circle at the bottom of the pressure cooker, we should choose those aluminium circle manufacturers with guaranteed quality.


Aluminum circle for pressure cooker 3003 alloy is smelted by adding a small amount of magnesium, manganese, copper and other metals into pure aluminum. The use of aluminum alloy materials to make pressure cooker makes use of its thermal conductivity or ductility.

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