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Aluminum Circle China Price

2021-01-05 07:59:00

The aluminum circle china price per tonne is very reasonable in Haomei Aluminium for we have experience production line and workers. The aluminum circle supplied by Haomei Aluminium has high stamping performance and extended performance. When the aluminum circles is produced, there is one more continuous stamping process. One more process will increase the cost and lengthen the production cycle. The extra process may increase the company’s labor and electricity costs, so the aluminum circle price will be relatively high. The second is the waste produced by the production of aluminum circles. It is understood that one ton of aluminum circles will generate 10-15% of the waste. In addition, there is a need to process some special-sized aluminum discs, so more waste will be added in the process of processing. This will cause the price of aluminum circles to be higher than that of aluminum sheets.

aluminum circle price china

In the production of aluminum circle product, there are drawing, punching, bending and other processes in the process of aluminum disc forming, so that difficult deep drawing punch drawing can be completed. Haomei Aluminium has better technology to increase the service life of the mold and improve the molding, reduce the cost of raw materials, save energy, improve production efficiency, reduce oil pollution and waste, reduce environmental pollution during the production process, reduce miscellaneous costs, and increase profits. That is why the aluminum circle price china Haomei is a little lower than other manufacturers.


In order to avoid scratches on the surface of the aluminum circle, we will apply a protective film or separate it with paper to protect the surface of the aluminum circle to avoid scratches due to the friction between the aluminum circle and the aluminum circle. At the same time, we must ensure that the transportation is firmer to avoid sliding problems due to transportation, which may also cause scratches.

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