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Aluminum Circle 3003 O For Cookware

Is the aluminum circle 3003 o for cookware practical? How good is its performance? This is a question that comes to consult users for more consultations. The emergence of 3003 O aluminum circle for cookware material naturally has its application value, aluminum circle 3003-O is a common product in the aluminum-manganese alloy series. It has excellent rust resistance, high corrosion resistance, flat surface, good plasticity, pressure resistance, and forming processing characteristics. Excellent, weldable, excellent electrical conductivity, impact resistance, not easy to break, can meet the user’s requirements for strength and rigidity, its performance is stable and reliable, and it is worth buying.

aluminum circle 3003 O for cookware

Therefore, the aluminum circle 3003 O for cookware is usually applied in high level cooking utensils making, such as pressure cooker liner, rice cooker liner, deep drawn pot and so on. Due to the 3003 O aluminum circle adopt soft temper, the material is soft and suitable for deep drawing, spinning and stretching. Thus, the price of aluminum circle 3003 is higher than that of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100 aluminum circle. The anti corrosion performance of aluminum circle 3003 o is very good. The thickness of 3003 aluminum circle can be 0.4-5.0mm, the diameter can be 20-1200mm, which can cover the application of different size. At the same time, special specification can be produced according to your requirement.


Haomei is an aluminum circle 3003 O for cookware manufacturer and exporter in China. In actual operation, by strengthening the control of the chemical composition and heat treatment process of the aluminum coil, the internal stress is eliminated, the intragranular segregation and the unevenness of the structure are reduced, and the stretchability and plasticity of the aluminum circle are greatly improved, thereby ensuring the customer’s later processing effectively avoids orange peel, lotus leaf edge and other phenomena.

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