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High-quality aluminium round discs

2019-12-31 08:35:00

Due to the high performance, surface and cutting edges quality, high-quality Haomei aluminium round discs have obvious quality advantages and market competitiveness. During the processing of aluminium discs, there are molding drawn, punching, cutting, bending and other processes. With over 15 years experience, Haomei are specialized in reduce the cost of raw materials, save energy, improve production efficiency, reduce oil pollution and waste generation. In addition, it can reduce environmental pollution during production, reduce miscellaneous costs, thereby reducing production costs and Haomei can provide great aluminium circles prices.

aluminium round discs

The aluminium round discs 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052 are usually used in cookware making, lamp cover making, traffic signs making and so on. In order to buy high quality aluminium discs product, we should pay attention to some aspects.

First we have to consider the thickness of the aluminum discs. The aluminum cookware we use are generally relatively thick, so the thickness of aluminum circle discs should be considered, so we can observe the thickness of the aluminum circles and distinguish the quality between good and bad, I believe it will be very effective.

Second, the aluminum disc circle contains more aluminum components, and its color is very close to a silvery white gloss. Therefore, this point can also be used as a condition for us to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum discs products. Therefore, when we buy aluminum circles, we can observe its appearance and color are selected from high-quality aluminium round discs.

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