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Aluminium discs anodized

The aluminium discs anodized have better anti-rust performance when applied to processing cookware and containers. Everyone knows that general metal products will show some rust when they are used for a long time or when they are damp. Will aluminium discs products rust? The answer is no, because aluminum will interact with the air oxygen reacts to produce a dense oxide film, so that other chemical components will not further react with aluminum.

aluminium discs anodized

It is understood that when the aluminium discs anodized is processed and produced, some other anti-rust ingredients are added to it. In the industry, in order to make the aluminium discs more durable and durable, the produced aluminium circle is often processed to make the layer of oxide film is thicker. The aluminum pans, aluminum pots and other kitchen utensils we usually use have an oxide film on their surface. The high quality anodized aluminium discs are suitable for deep drawing, cold extrusion and surface oxidation processes.


Usually, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of the aluminium discs anodized, we will apply a protective film or separate it with paper to protect the surface of the aluminum disc, so as to avoid scratches caused by the friction between the aluminum disc and the aluminum circle. At the same time, we must ensure that the transportation is firmer to avoid sliding problems due to transportation, which may also cause scratches. Haomei Aluminium would like to remind everyone that it is best not to use steel wool to wipe harshly when cleaning the kitchenware, which will reduce the service life of the kitchenware.

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