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Aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi

2020-03-24 07:30:00

If you are looking for aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi, Haomei can be your trusted supplier with producing aluminum circle 0.4-5mm thick. Haomei aluminum has the advanced production equipment in the country, the main production equipment of the enterprise has the international advanced level. Strictly control and test the alloy, state and performance of the aluminum coil to ensure the accuracy and diversity of the disc provided. The good control of the aluminum coil grain size and elongation ensures the excellent deep drawing and spinning performance of the aluminum disc.

aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi

The advantages of aluminium circle manufactured by Haomei Aluminum are:

1, All specification, alloy of 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052. The diameter of aluminium circle is 20-1200mm;

2, Excellent elongation and tensile strength;

3, Good processing performance, high stamping and drawing forming performance;

4, Good surface performance, no obvious scratch, oil stain, oxidation, black spot, etc;

5, High plasticity, conductivity and thermal conductivity;

6, It is easy to withstand the processing, extension and bending of various pressures;


The product offered by aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi is applicable to cooking utensils and the following products: soup pot, frying pan, tea kettle, pressure pot, pizza pot, rice pot, restaurant cooker, coffee, electric cooker; baking tray, bread machine, stainless steel, cooking utensil bottom plate. Aluminum circle can also be used in lighting industry, embedded lighting, elevated industrial lighting, stress lighting, traffic light reflector sports lighting, etc.

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