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Aluminium circle manufacturers in china

2019-11-20 07:59:00

Haomei is one of the leading aluminium circle manufacturers in china, we supply aluminum circle 0.4-5mm thickness, the diameter of 20-1200mm. The aluminum circle discs manufactured by Haomei has accurate thickness and clean edge. Advantages of continuous stamping aluminum circle raw materials: direct use of hot rolled coil material, elongation of masterbatch, internal structure and grain size are superior to cold rolled products, especially suitable for aluminum circles requiring anodizing processing, After oxidation, the surface texture has no color difference, which is also the advantage of hot-rolled aluminum circles.

aluminium circle manufacturers in china

Now aluminum circles are usually deep-drawn by stamping equipment or spinning equipment, and have high requirements for extension. At the same time, the high-end lamps and cook utensils are subjected to surface treatment after processing, that is anodizing treatment, and the continuous-type stamping aluminum circle not only has high elongation, but also has good anodizing effect, and is particularly suitable for the use of such products.


The continuous stamping aluminum circle is made of hot-rolled base material (mainly made of pure aluminum), and at the same time, certain scrap aluminum will be produced during the stamping process, so the price of aluminum disc is higher than aluminum sheet roll material, of course, the surface of hot rolled products is unmatched by conventional aluminum circles. As a professional aluminium circle manufacturers in china, Haomei have nearly 100 kinds of aluminum circle stamping dies, mainly producing products between 20mm-1200mm.

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