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Aluminium Circle Alloy 1060

2020-12-10 08:48:00

Aluminium circle alloy 1060 are mainly used in kitchen production, sign making and other industries. The commonly used thicknesses are 1.0mm aluminum circle and 1.2mm aluminum circle. Among them, the kitchen production industry has a large demand for aluminum circles. The 1060 aluminium alloy is a more commonly used product among the 1000 series aluminum alloy products. It has not only a wide range of applications, but also many uses. 1060 aluminum circle has low density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good plasticity.

aluminium circle alloy 1060

As an professional manufacturer of aluminium circle alloy 1060, the thickness is 0.5-5mm, and aluminum circles with different diameters can be customized, and the outer diameter can range from 80mm-900mm. Haomei Aluminum can ensure the accuracy of the provided 1060 aluminum circle, which has excellent deep drawing and spinning performance. The surface performance of the aluminium circle 1060 is good, and no obvious scratches, oil stains, oxidation, black spots, etc; the edges of the finished product are neat and free of burrs. Products comply with RoHS and REACH environmental protection standards. The product packaging is firm, in line with national and international export standards. Haomei Aluminum circle not only strictly controls the quality of wafers, but also actively introduces advanced production equipment to shorten the supply cycle.


The aluminium circle alloy 1060 is made of pure aluminum and a small amount of copper. It has excellent forming processing performance, high corrosion resistance, good welding performance and electrical conductivity. Aluminum 1060 is widely used in products that do not require high strength, such as chemical instruments, sheet metal processing parts, deep-drawn or rotating concave containers, welding parts, heat exchangers, watch surfaces and disk surfaces, nameplates, kitchenware, decorations, Reflector etc. 1060 aluminium alloy material has some good physical properties. High plasticity means that 1060 aluminum alloy can withstand strict mechanical processing and can be shaped according to different needs.

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