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3003 aluminum circle for cookware

2020-03-31 08:11:00

3003 aluminum circle for cookware is our commonly used alloy aluminum circle, which has good rust resistance and is easy to be processed and formed. Aluminium circle 3003 is a good material for cooking utensils manufacturing. The temper of aluminum circle for cookware are O, H12 and H14. The thickness is 0.4-5mm, and the diameter is 20-1200mm. When used for processing aluminum cooking utensils, the grade of aluminum discs are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003. Among them, the 3003 aluminum circle has better corrosion resistance. However, 3003 aluminum circle cooking utensils usually need surface treatment before they are handed over to consumers for use. Let's understand the specific treatment methods.

3003 aluminum circle for cookware

For the treatment method in the aluminum circle product quality requirements, the aluminum circle manufacturers will generally conduct oxidation treatment after acid pickling after processing such as 3003 aluminum circle drawing during production and processing. But when we make the electric rice cooker pot gall, the surface treatment is general, after pickling, one side is sprayed and one side is oxidized. If the customer's requirements for the surface of aluminum circle for cookware are not high, we will do double-sided spraying after acid pickling after processing such as 3003 aluminium circle drawing. For those customers who require high-quality 3003 aluminum circle for cookware products, we need to do acid pickling after the initial processing of products, and then do hard oxidation.

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