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1100 O Aluminum Circles

The 1100 O aluminum circles produced by Haomei Aluminum have very high thickness diamter precision and low purchase cost. The key to many aluminum circles manufacturers is that the technology of this manufacturer is very advanced, so the production efficiency is very high. 1100 aluminum circle is one product of the 1000 series aluminum circles, it have low weight, low price and are applied to can seals, containers, non-stick pan bottoms, traffic signs, lamp shades, etc.

1100 O aluminum circles

The primary consideration when purchasing 1100 O aluminum circles is the use. The use determines whether to choose hot-rolled or cast-rolled materials. Cast-rolled materials are mainly used for molds. The hot-rolled materials have higher elongation and are suitable for products that need to be stamped and stretched. The cast rolled aluminum circle is also called as CC aluminum circle, and the hot rolled aluminum circle is DC aluminum circles. The price of DC aluminum circle is higher than CC aluminum circles for DC aluminum discs have better deep drawing and spinning performance. The second is whether the specifications of the 1100 aluminum circles product meet its own procurement standards. Usually, the thickness of the 1100 aluminum circles is in the range of 0.3-6.0mm, and the diameter is in the range of 10-3000mm. The O temper means soft temper and has strong ductility. Besides the tempers of 1100 aluminum circles are H12, H14, H24 and so on.


Generally, the common aluminum circles 1100 are mainly 1100 O aluminum circles or 1050 H12, which will not crack during the stamping and spinning in the later production process. The electrical appliances and pots produced by the 1100 aluminum circles have good heat dissipation, no rust, light material and long service life. If you are interested in our aluminum circle, please contact us and special specification can be produced according to your requirement.

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