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Hot rolled 1060 aluminum circle

Hot rolled 1060 aluminum circle is suitable for making spinning and stamping products such as kitchen cook utensils. Aluminum circles are mainly used in kitchen manufacturing, traffic signs, lamp and other industries. Among them, the cook utensils production industry has large demand for aluminum circles. Because of its safety, light weight and easy processing, aluminum cook utensils products are increasingly favored by customers. The aluminum circles can be produced by hot rolled and cold rolled. The 1060 aluminum discs and 3003 aluminum circles are very hot, and the hardness status is O, H24, H14 and H18.

1060 aluminum circle

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled aluminum circles have obvious differences in the effects of stretching, stamping, spinning, etc. The cold-rolled aluminum circles have higher ear-cutting rate, and hot-rolled aluminum circles have advantages in the surface as well as the earing rate. So, in the cookware industry, hot rolled 1060 aluminum discs have better performance. The aluminum circles produced by Hoamei adopts the continuous online stamping equipment, and the stamping process is completely automated, which can better ensure the surface quality of the aluminum circle without scratches. With four punching lines, it can produce 0.4-6.0mm thick and 50-1000mm diameter aluminum disc products. The 1060 aluminum circle produced by Haomei has good tensile properties, good oxidation performance, no oil on the surface and no scratches.

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