Top 1060 aluminium circle manufacturers

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Top 1060 aluminium circle manufacturers

In the production process of civil aluminum products such as cookware pans, pots, bowls and other round blanks, automotive parts hardware and tank ends, the 1060 aluminium circles show indispensable importance. Advanced aluminum circle processing line of 1060 aluminium circle manufacturers guarantee the quality of produced aluminium circle sheet products, what’s more, the stamping equipment is the key to improving product quality and utilization of raw aluminum sheet coil.

1060 aluminium circle manufacturers

The 1060 aluminum circle is very famous in the often used 1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum. For its wide application, high performance and also for the low price. The most advanced equipment for the production of aluminum wafers is the aluminum circles unwinding and blanking production line. This fully automatic 1060 aluminium circles production equipment can effectively improve the material utilization rate, far superior to other blanking method. The aluminum circle blanks unwinding and blanking production line equipment can directly complete the punching and blanking of the discs without striping and shearing on the aluminum coil. The advanced production line are widely used in the top 1060 aluminium circle manufacturers, the processed aluminum circles are with high quality with good stretching and deep drawing performance, so 1060 aluminium circles are used for making cookware, lamp cover and traffic signs.

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