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1050 cooking aluminum circle supplier Haomei

Haomei is a 1050 cooking aluminum circle supplier in China, the aluminum circle 1050 has thickness of 0.4-5mm and the diameter is 20-1200mm. The aluminum circle has DC and CC material type, and the DC aluminum circle 1050 with O temper has great stamping, spinning, stretching and deep drawing performance.

1050 cooking aluminum circle supplier

Aluminum circles are usually machined from a punch, from the aluminum coil to the leveling, and then cut into the shape and size we need, waste placed and removal. This kind of 1050 aluminum circle production line is commonly used in the aluminum processing industry’s cookware aluminum circles, lamp aluminum discs and tank heads. At present, there have been enough enterprises to manufacture a large number of aluminum circle consumption requirements. This production line is automatically selected by the width of the coil and the straight line of the aluminum circle to properly stop the blank processing on the entire roll of aluminum. This processing line of 1050 cooking aluminum circle supplier requires several devices, such as uncoilers, levelers, feeders, swing units, dedicated closed-point mechanical presses, palletizing, scrap shearing, hydraulic systems, electrical control systems, etc. In order to create more economic benefits for the cookware enterprise, the casting and rolling technology and composition of aluminum circle supplies are improved, and some results were obtained.

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