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The advantages of aluminum circle

2017-12-29 09:18:00

Aluminum discs are used in our daily life widely, we can find them everywhere, such as some cookware, lamp cover and road signs. Why does aluminum circle choose by so many manufacturers? There must be many outstanding features of aluminum discs. What are the advantages of aluminum circle than other metal? During application and processing, the advantages are very significant.

aluminum circle

1.The hardness is moderate and easy to process. As we all know, aluminum alloy is a kind of soft material, which can be formed by simple bending. If it has been continuous high-speed stamping, it can be directly produced as finished product, which can reduce the production cycle and cost greatly.

2. The good fire resistance, in general, the surface of pure aluminum discs products has no chemical substances, so even used at 600 degrees high temperature, the product will not burn or change, there is not any toxic gases produced, which is needed by a lot of application protection.

3. The anti-oxidation ability and corrosion resistance are pretty good, the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum discs helps it used indoors and outdoors, because it can maintain the silver or other color for long term, the surface won’t oxidation and also tolerate corrosion.

4. Some aluminum discs are generally anodized, so the surface hardness is better, it is with good scratch resistance, no paint cover on the surface, and save the aluminum metal color with excellent modern metal feeling, the level of products are added, the cookware utensils are welcomed by customers warmly.

5. The aluminum circle has strong anti-fouling performance, practicality is very good. Generally, the cooking utensils produced from aluminum discs are very easy to wash clean.

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