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Aluminium Discs Circles


The Properties of Aluminium Discs Circles

Alloy aluminum circle disc have good deep drawing quality, good spinning quality, excellent forming and anodizing, no four ears.

  • Excellent reflectivity, good for Polishing.

  • Good anodized quality, suitable for hard anodizing and enameling.

  • Clean surface and smooth edge, hot rolled quality, fine grains and after deep drawing no looper lines.

  • Excellent pearl color anodizing.

The Applications of Aluminum Circle Discs

1. Our high quality aluminium discs circles can be used in the production of a variety of cookware products, such as for deep drawing cooking pot, spinning quality for kitchen utensils、for aluminum Non stick cookware, for cookware bottom, for non-stick cookware, for non-stick pan, for non-stick pan, for kitchenware etc.

2. Aluminum circles discs is used in the electrical, heat preservation, mechanical manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military industry, mold, construction, printing and other industries, such as kitchen supplies, such as titanium, pressure cookers and hardware items such as chimney, water heater etc. Now, it is mainly used for capacitor case, aluminum pots, aluminum cans/ bottles, aluminum bowl, electric rice cooker bladder, the road sign, aluminum drum, aluminum lamp cover, electric kettle and so on.

Common Cookware Pan Lid, Non-Stick Pans/Pots, Pressure Cookers, Kettle, Induction Cooker Cladding, etc.
Lamps and Lantern Parts Lamp shade, Lamp Cup, etc.
Construction Material Traffic Guideboard, Building Decorations, etc.
Other Transportation, Electronic Appliance, Consumer Goods, etc.


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