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Non Stick Whitford Aluminum Disc

2021-04-26 07:47:00

Non stick whitford aluminum disc is a metal material with particularly high heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum alloys are common seen in non stick aluminum discs, aluminum content equal to or higher than 97%, diameter of 20mm or more but less than 1200mm, nonstick aluminum discs are generally used in the production of non stick pots, basins and other kitchen utensils.

non stick whitford aluminum disc

Non stick whitford aluminum disc has good structure and performance, and its tensile strength, elongation rate and ear-making rate can meet the requirements of deep-drawn products. The thermal conductivity of iron non-stick pans is not as good as aluminum non-stick pans, and the non-stick effect of iron non-stick pans is not as good as that of aluminum non-stick pans. Whitford non-stick coatings offer fluoropolymer benefits such as friction reduction and wear resistance for everything from frying pans to coffee-plate warmers and waffle makers. Xylan series coatings are main products of whitford coating of aluminum disc. This series of coatings are widely used in various products, including affordable to luxurious cookware, various bakeware, electric frying pans and electric grills, rice cookers, bread ovens, coffee machines, sandwiches machine and waffle machine and so on. Xylan coating has three structures: one-layer, two-layer and three-layer.


Relying on strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment, advanced processing technology, and various processing methods, Haomei Aluminum can provide users with non stick whitford aluminum disc processing, aluminum strip slitting and slitting processing, aluminum alloy medium and heavy plate sawing net processing, aluminum surface coating processing, etc., to meet the needs of users in small batches, multiple varieties, multiple specifications, and multiple uses.

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