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Circular Aluminum Discs

Circular aluminum discs are used for cooking utensils, lamp stretching cover, traffic signs, road signs, aluminum cans and tank heads, etc.

Circular Aluminum Sheet Metal

Circular aluminum sheet metal are the raw materials for the production of cooking utensils, traffic signs, lamp cover, capacitor shells and tubes.

Aluminum Discs For Pressure Cooker

3003 and 5052 alloy aluminum discs for pressure cooker is the key product of Haomei Aluminum.

Aluminium Blank Discs For Traffic Sign

Aluminium blank discs offered by Haomei Aluminum are widely used for making road and traffic signs.

Aluminum Alloy Discs

The aluminum alloy discs mainly refers to the aluminum discs with alloy of 3003, 3004, 3104 and 5052 aluminium.

Alloy Aluminium Circle

Alloy aluminium circle are the main raw material of household goods and industrial products through a series of processing technique.

Aluminum Wafer For Kitchen Utensils

Hot-rolled aluminum wafer for kitchen utensils are often used to make non-stick cookers, pressure cookers, kitchen cookware, etc.,

Aluminum Disc For Spinning

The aluminum disc for spinning process is a main type product of aluminum circle manufacturers.

Circle Aluminium Plate Diameter 200mm

Circle aluminium plate diameter 200mm is mainly used for making pan and pots with grade 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003.

Aluminium Disc Material In China

Aluminium disc material in china has low density, light weight, smooth surface, good extensibility and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

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