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How to clean aluminum circles correctly

2017-12-13 07:51:00

As we all know, aluminum circles are widely used in our daily life, such as home use audio equipment, kitchenware, etc. are made from aluminium circles. Sometimes we clean the aluminum disc in our own ways, but not in the correct way, cleaning without proper method will cause hurt to aluminum discs a lot. To protect the aluminum circle product, correct method of cleaning is significant. Today Haomei Aluminum will introduce the correct method of cleaning the aluminum circle for you.

aluminum circles

First, rinse the stains on the surface of the aluminum circles with a lot of water, and then sprinkled with water diluted , gently wipe the aluminum wafer surface with a soft cloth. Then use a lot of water rinse the surface again, the dirty on the surface of the aluminum discs are washed away, and finally check the surface to see whether there is still no clean place. Clean the dirty place again until all washed clean, and then use clear water to wash off the detergent. Besides please note that do not clean the aluminium circles which have relatively high temperature, because the evaporation of water will be harmful to the surface of the paint.  When using detergent, maker sure to choose a neutral detergent, otherwise it will corrode the surface of the aluminum discs.

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