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Buy aluminum disc high quality

2020-03-04 10:07:00

Buy aluminum disc from Haomei can save your cost because we supply high quality aluminum circle product with professional service and advanced equipment. Aluminium disc is a sheet made of aluminium ingot by pressing and rolling according to different grades, specifications and states. Aluminum wafer is widely used in electronics, daily chemical, medicine, culture and education, auto parts, printing and other industries. Such as kitchen appliances, such as non stick pot, pressure pot and other hardware lampshade, water heater shell, expansion tank, etc. At present, aluminum is the second largest metal in the world after steel. Aluminum is widely used because it has properties that other metals do not have.

buy aluminum disc

The main components of the consumption line for uncoiling and blanking of aluminum discs are: feeding trolley, uncoiler, leveler, feeder, swing unit, special closed single point mechanical press, rapid die change installation, stacking unit, waste cutting, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc. About half of the cooking utensils in the world are made of aluminum disc. The heat efficiency of cooking is as high as 93%, while stainless steel and cast iron are only 1 / 3 of aluminum. Using aluminum disc to make cooking utensils will greatly add the physical and chemical characteristics of cooking utensils, so that the conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and other characteristics of cooking utensils can be well improved, providing a guarantee for making a good diet. As a kind of high-end metal alloy material, the advantage of aluminum disc for lamps is very obvious. In fact, those countries with more developed industries in the world began to replace the traditional metal materials with aluminum disc for lamps very early. In recent years, buy aluminum disc for lamps also began to appear in the domestic market, and the utilization rate of this material began to increase year by year.

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