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How to process qualified aluminum disk

2018-01-18 09:07:00

Haomei aluminum have professional factory, excellent equipment, advanced production technology, technical service for supply high quality aluminum disk products for customers. For so many years, we focus on the products, technology and service, which won a lot of support from clients. Our clients are all over the world, the application of these aluminum disk products are so wide, such as for making cookware, road signs. So, when it comes the method for processing aluminum circle, we Haomei Aluminum can summarize some tips based on the plenty experience.

aluminum disk

1. In order to produce high-quality products, sophisticated production equipment is indispensable, that is fully automatic CNC production equipment, any manual access to materials is not required, so as to avoid production safety risks and product quality risk of punching.

2. The production line does not need to do the slitting and cross-cutting treatment whenrolling material, but the use rolled material for production directly, this producing method not only can reduce the production process, avoid the damage in the cutting process, but also can reduce production costs greatly.

3. Select large-scale mold equipment, take full use of the width of the rolled material, the choice of high-precision servo motor drive control system reduce production time, reduce waste from the fundamental to improve production efficiency.

4. The leading open-roll system, six-type leveling machine, high-rigidity mechanical presses, automatic palletizing system can ensure the quality of the aluminum disk products.

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