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Aluminum Discs For Spinning

2021-06-18 09:55:00

The aluminum discs for spinning usually adopt 1000 series pure aluminum like1050 1060 1070 1100 which have low hardness, good spinning performance. The thickness of aluminium discs for spinning is 0.4-5.0mm, the diameter is 20-1200mm. The 1000 series aluminum discs have low cost and high performance, so they are common applied to manufacturing lampshade and home appliance by stretched and spinning process, and all the aluminum circle for spinning products supplied by Haomei Aluminum have passed SGS certification and comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements.

aluminum discs for spinning

The aluminum discs for spinning are generally made by laser cutting of standard plates. The aluminum circles are divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled. The hardness of cold-rolled aluminum circle sheet is higher than that of hot-rolled aluminum circle sheet, but the spinning performance is better. Because the hot-rolled aluminum circle sheet has tiny pores inside before being cold-rolled, it is easy to cause cracks during the spinning process. The ductility of aluminum circle for spinning is better. All materials will undergo work hardening and grain refinement during the spinning process. The greater the material's resilience, the greater the accuracy of the material after molding. The lower the material hardness, the better the surface quality after spinning. That is the reason why the 1000 series aluminum discs are used for spinning.


The aluminum discs for spinning also have other features:

1, 1000 series aluminum discs have low hardness, as the hardness increases, the greater the spinning force required, the faster the wear of the spinning die and the spinning cutter wheel.

2, The worse the ductility, the easier it is to crack during the metal spinning process.

3, If the tensile strength is high, the more spinning force is required.

4, The internal pressure will make the material rebound, which will affect the accuracy.

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