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Aluminum Discs For Pressure Cooker

2021-10-28 07:29:00

3003 and 5052 alloy aluminum discs for pressure cooker is the key product of Haomei Aluminum. Aluminum alloy is smelted with a small amount of magnesium, manganese, copper and other metals in pure aluminum. It has high temperature resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and hardness than pure aluminum. 3003 aluminum discs are used in the inner pots of small household appliances (rice cookers, electric cookers, electric pressure cookers, bread machines, soymilk machines, juicers, air fryer, coffee pots, hot water pots); cookware inner pots (non sticky pans, woks, steaming pans, milk pans, pressure cookers, enamel pans); various aluminum containers, aluminum pans, aluminum pans, aluminum lids, aluminum boxes, tea boxes, aluminum barrels, aluminum cans, medicine cans; baking tools, bakeware, cake mold, toast mold and lampshade.

aluminum discs for pressure cooker

Most of the kitchen utensils made of aluminum discs for pressure cooker are oxidized, but some are sprayed. After processing with 3003 aluminum discs for stretching, pickling and then oxidation treatment, this kind of quality requirement is medium. After processing with 3003 aluminum discs for stretching, after pickling, it is sprayed on one side and oxidized on the other side, this kind of processing is common ingredients for rice cookers.


The aluminum discs for pressure cooker has the characteristics of light weight, fast heat transfer, low price, long service life and sturdiness. With its unique functions, it greatly shortens the cooking time and saves energy. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy pressure cooker is more than ten times that of stainless steel pressure cooker. The acquisition cost of aluminum alloy material is low, and the price is relatively cheaper than that of stainless steel pressure cooker. The aluminum alloy pressure cooker can hold non-acid, non-alkali, and non-salty foods (but not recommended), such as rice. But the acid resistance, alkali resistance, and salt resistance are not good. There is a very dense oxide film on the surface of the aluminum alloy pressure cooker. Although the thickness of this film is not large, in the range of about 10-20 microns, its hardness is relatively high. As long as the use of bamboo, wood, plastic rice shovel will not destroy the aluminum oxide film.

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