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Aluminum Disc For Spinning

2021-09-07 09:44:00

The aluminum disc for spinning process is a main type product of aluminum circle manufacturers. And the spinning is a method to making finished products like pan, pots, cook utensils, cook ware, kettle, containers, covers and caps. Spinning aluminum circle to process non-stick cookware, characterized in that the aluminum disc used in the spinning forming step is a 99.7% aluminum alloy sheet, that is 1070 aluminum discs. The thickness of the aluminum circle sheet used in the spinning forming step is 2.5-8mm.

aluminum disc for spinning

A method for manufacturing a spinning aluminum disc non-stick cookware, which sequentially includes the following steps: a spinning forming step, in which an aluminum circle for spinning of a set specification is spun into a set shape of a pan blank with the aid of a spinning forming machine, so that the pot blank has a pot bottom, a pot rim part protruding from the periphery of the pot bottom, and a pot rim part extending outside the pot rim, and the thickness of the pot rim is the thickness of the pot bottom 30% to 75%, and the thickness of the rim of the pot is roughly equal to the thickness of the bottom of the pot. In the cleaning step, the surface of the pot blank is sprayed with high-pressure alumina to clean and roughen the surface of the pot blank. The electric melting wire coating step, using the electric melting wire to pass the heating and spraying of the arc device, so that the surface of the pot blank is evenly covered with an electric melting wire coating layer. And the fluorocarbon resin coating step is to coat the surface of the pot blank high-pressure spraying and high-temperature firing are applied to form a fluorocarbon resin coating layer on the surface of the pot blank, and the aluminum disc for spinning non-stick pot is made.

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